Hardwood Flooring Guide

Pittsburgh, PA Area

Tim & Kathy Gigliotti – Aspinwall (412) 781-2791
“I tore out Gigliotti’s carpet and installed wood floors throughout their residence. When I completed the floor I installed quarter round, thresholds and helped them move their furniture back. They were some of the nicest people that I have met. They loved their new floors so much they bought me and my family christmas presents!”

Barbara Law – Moon Township (412) 361-8651
“I tore out the wood floor her previous flooring tech improperly installed and attempted to repair unsuccessfully. I was called in to do the job that he could not. When I completed the installation Mr. & Mrs Hess were completely satisfied with the quality of work and how neat and clean I kept the jobsite daily. Barbara is a manager of hundreds of Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agents. She said she could give me a lot of referrals if needed.”

Sally Duhon – Dormont (412) 343-9030
“I tore out Mrs. Duhon’s parquet floor that was buckling and becoming unglued caused by the sinking earth under her concrete slab. Her house was built pre 1970’s. We began our work after her slab had been repaired. When I arrived on the first day I listened to her frustrations with the process of having her house in such disarray and the sadness she expressed for just losing her late husband months before. I then began trying to get her life back to normal. I installed the new floating wood floor and new trim over the newly repaired slab. When I was complete she gave me a tip and said that she was thrilled with her new floor and that she could start getting her house back in order. I noted that this woman was a real trooper for going thru all that she had been thru.”

Carol Hess – Morningside (412)361-8651
Tear out & Installation due to water damage. When I was finished she thanked me over and over!

Gary Garda – Castle Shannon (412) 953-0406
“Gary works directly with insurance companies when a home is damaged by fire or water. He works at Flooring America. When these jobs arrive on his desk Gary calls me for advice and subcontracts the repair, install a new floor, or sand & refinish the existing wood floors and stairs.”

Jeff Cemino - Library (412) 335-0920
“Jeff is the new manager at Pape’s Floor Coverings. I now subcontract all of the wood & laminate floor installations as well as the Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing for his store”.

John Pape Jr. – Castle Shannon (412)551-0725
“John is the President of Floor Designs Unlimited LLC Flooring America. I was recruited by John to take over as the #1 Preferred Installer for his company. They have since added wood floor sanding & finishing to they’re repituare. They subcontract the jobs to me and there has been a 100% success rate!"


General Contractors:

1. Victor / James Construction (828) 768-7216 cell Jason
4 years of service mid level homes Biltmore Park, Drakes Meadow and many more.
2. Huskey Construction (828)289-8809 cell Jeremy
7-8 years of service for them mid level homes Green Meadows sub-division
3. Robert Koerber Construction (828)275-5025 cell Robert
9 years experience high end homes Ramble, Biltmore Forest, Biltmore Park, Lobdell Woods and more.
4. Jim Koerber Construction (828)275-8767 cell Jim
9 years experience high end homes Ramble, Butler Mtn, Biltmore Forest
5. Nash, Mark Tri City Area (423)646-1444 Prefinished Installations, Wood Sales
6. John Butte (561)714-1060 5 yrs experience Biltmore Park, Strauss Park, Mtn Brook; wood sales, installation, sand& finish
7. Carolina West Construction (828)595-4283 cell Eli Wood Sales, installation, sand & finish


1. Debbie Freeman Mills River (828)388-1592 Wood Sale, Installation, Sand & Finish
2. David and Janet Newman #4 Southwood Rd. Biltmore Forest, NC (828)231-2148 Repair, Install / sand & finish
3. Jeff Briggs Lake Lure, NC (828)329-6320 Sand & Finish
4. Lou Barlow Sunset Ridge, Etowah, NC (828)230-4446 Wood Sale, Installation, Sand & Finish
5. Tommy Blackwell Horseshoe, NC (828)606-8697 2000sq. ft. herringbone with border Install, Sand & Finish
6. Braufman Mr. Biltmore Park - Coopers Hawk (917)968-2914 , Sand & Finish Install
7. Lewis, David Champion Hills and Fletcher (828) 768-4526 Install, Sand & Finish
8. Burhke, Mary-Kay Champion Hills (828)243-3346 repairs, install, Sand & Finish
9. Barnwell, Doug Dana, NC (828) 674-6774 Prefinish Install and Sand & Finish
10. Tarves, Jason & Meadow Fletcher, NC (828)243-3085 Install, Sand & Finish
11. Duvall, Margaret Biltmore Park (828)273-8517 Install, Sand & Finish

Many More References if needed.

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