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Product Color and/or Pattern

To create a more favorable website visit, we use certain technologies that reduce the time required to download our pages. Some of these technologies work by approximating colors in images and allow for smaller file sizes and faster loading of pages. Unfortunately, the result is a less accurate presentation of color and pattern. Additionally, since individual computer monitors can present the same image in varying hues and colors, it is impossible to present a "true" representation of what a product will look like. Kerb's Flooring strongly suggests making final product selections from actual samples.

Product Availability
While every attempt is made to keep the web site up to date, market conditions, transportation issues and management decisions may affect the availability of some or all of our products. The information provided on these pages is meant as a guide and visitors are encouraged to speak with their local retailer before making their final decision.

External Websites / Pages
On some pages of our website, we may provide links to external or third-party websites. We do this because we believe that the information is helpful or informative. However, these pages are NOT controlled or endorsed by Kerb's Flooring and we take NO responsibility for their content, nor for other links to or from their pages.


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